File this game under you can’t win them all. More importantly, learn from it. These two points were just as valuable as the last one. Phoenix won tonight. Colorado did as well. In a race to the playoffs, no team, not even one in fuego as our Kings, can take a night off.

Who scored what goal and when doesn’t matter. One statistic tells the whole story. The Kings were 0 for 4 on an anemic power play. The Birds were 2 for 4. Anaheim fans should remember to put Brian Pochmara and Kelly Sutherland in their prayers tonight right after mommy, daddy and Daisy Duck. With the first two periods the referees missed, at least one of them had to be pregnant. I don’t know who blew who and what it took to swallow the whistle on three obvious calls (obvious to a less obtuse pair of zebras) in the first and half of the second, but it led me to finally scream, “hey, whatever the F they are paying you, I’ll double it.” I was only partially joking. The officiating was pure horror.

So we lost 4-2. The second period was the game.  I don’t put blame anywhere. It’s not necessary. The forwards looked tired. Anze Kopitar had another solid game.  Jarret Stoll was brilliant in the faceoff circle. Nobody else could get their game together. Even the very steady Ryan Smyth looked “off”, either one step behind or ahead of the puck. The defensemen were chasing the puck all night. It happens. I am sure some are ready to give the Ducks credit. I won’t. They are a shell of their former self. The Kings didn’t show. The Oilers may beat them if they come out like this on Thursday but they won’t. One thing I have learned watching this team is that they respond very well after a bad game. I don’t expect to beat Edmonton. I expect our Kings to destroy them.


Random Tidbits

– My compliments to the Kings fan in section 406 for the fight he picked and getting tossed out. The game was over by then anyway and you went out in style. Step up and be noticed.

– Their ice girls don’t hold a candle to ours. A few of them have to lose that winter coat. Child bearing hips and tights are only sexy after a few drinks.

– The Ducks are going to lose half of their fans when Teemu retires. Who are all those 8 to 12 year kids going to worship? Parros? That’s no role model. Todd Marchant? He has a face like a goldfish. Corey Perry? Those poor kids.

Finally, this video has nothing to do with hockey but I could not stop laughing the first time I saw it…so I’m sharing it out of love.

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