Is it too harsh to come down heavily on a team that just broke a franchise record winning streak, or that is on the verge of and more than likely will make the playoffs for the first time in six seasons?

In some cases, no. In this case, yes.

I challenge a Kings’ fan to come forward and claim tonight’s 3-2 shootout loss against the Edmonton Oilers was not the single most numbing game of the season.

Despite a late rally to deny Oilers’ goalie Jeff Deslaurier of a shutout and force overtime, there was not much to get excited about at Staples Center tonight. At least those of you watching from your couches can quickly change the channel. I like NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreations’ myself at 8:30pm on Thursday’s, about the same time the Kings were in the locker room, presumably discussing how to turn around their play after as lame a period as they’ve played thus far. However it seems more likely, based on the ensuing two periods that they were thinking about tax season, or something similarly but pathetically more thrilling than the effort they gave on the ice.

Andrew Cogliano spent the first period dancing around the Kings’ defenseman. Steve Staois whittled away the time obstructing every meager attempt of the Kings’ to skate over the offensive blueline on the powerplay.

Speaking of the powerplay.

Zero for six.

I had something else to say, but a sudden, blinding rage took over me just now and I’ve forgotten.

I will say this. I don’t watch the Oilers very much, partially because I’ve been without NHL Network for a while and don’t have Center Ice, but mostly because I don’t care. I do know they suck. I also know, as an eye witness, that they kind of sucked tonight. What does that mean? Did the Kings’ suck so much, they made a bad team look good? Did the Oilers play above their heads and the Kings’ take them for granted? Hey, when was the last time we were on THAT side of such a statement… the glass can still be half full, even if it hasn’t been washed in a while and is growing mold.

Is it a credit to the Oilers to pull out a win after giving up a 2 goal lead late in the game? Or is it a testament to the Kings, that despite playing only 4 or 5 minutes of disciplined, enthusiastic hockey, they managed pull out a point?

Well, its a mixture, just like the loser point is a mixed emotion cocktail.

Did someone just say fire Kompon?

That’s weird. There’s no one else in the house. Swore I heard something to that effect.

The most amusing part of the game was David Courtney crediting an assist on Ryan Smyth’s game tying goal to Sean O’Sullivan. The assist was later given to Anze Kopitar, but I don’t think it was because Sean O’Sullivan, if he does exist in some walk of life, doesn’t play in the NHL.

If you care, which you shouldn’t until you’ve calmed down tomorrow, Denis Grebeshkov and Dustin Penner scored the Oilers’ goals. The first was deflected off a Kings’ stick. The second was a poor angle shot met with poorer positioning by Ersberg. Brown scored the first Kings’ goal.

I don’t have an ending for the article because this is not the end of the season. Aberrations are a part of life. So are habits. Let’s wait and see which defines this night.

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