First, he states during the intermission (after going over Heidi Androl’s busy schedule) that if you have money, Heidi is willing to work, which of course implies Heidi is whoring for work.

Then, during a post game interview with Kopitar (with Jim Fox in the middle chair), he tells Kopitar not to get into any fights in the game and to leave that to Ivanans, Clune and then proceeds with “I know you want to drop the gloves, but you are too good of a goal scorer.” Kopitar looks at him a bit confused and responds “where did you hear that I want to drop the gloves?”  Patrick then states that is why Fox is in the middle chair, to avoid anything stupid he (Patrick) says from reaching Kopitar.  Wow.  Back to the mental hospital for this idiot.  Does he fill some type of affirmative action retard quota akin to a few of the concession stands personnel?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more that this guy is a moron. He does not know anything about hockey, and it shows. That interview with Kopitar was embarassing. Why does Fox put such a buffoon on? If he says “no question about that” again I’m gonna puke.

    I have found the concession workers to be very friendly and providing decent service. I don’t care what color they are, or if they have an accent.

    • I have the worst luck with the concession workers. Generally, I agree with you but there was one in particular I will never forget. I think she was purposefully moving as slow as possible. The people in line behind me started laughing and everyone started moving out of her line.

  2. Its all about Hector that works the concession stand on the smoking patio. That guy is fast, pleasant, cool and best of all, he attends Kings games even when he isn’t working! Before him, I didn’t know any of the workers cared about the team. Awesome to know atleast one does.

    I also always look forward to seeing who we have dubbed ‘big mama’, but that is for less flattering reasons.

    When it comes to slowness however, I have had much the same experience before as you Bobby, but generally I attribute holdups to the patrons. Same goes for Will Call lines. The people working there know what they are doing, you sir, in the Eric Rasmussen jersey, clearly do not.

  3. A few possible explanations…

    1) There’s nothing like a bozo or bimbo (or in Don Cherry’s case, a ridiculously-attired jingoist) to make everybody else look good.

    2) They’re aiming to connect with the lowest common denominator of intelligence among Kings fans.

    3) O’Neal is sleeping with Leiweke.

    4) O’Neal’s real name is Juraj Mikus.

    5) Nose candy.

    6) It’s L.A.

    For everybody’s sake, I really hope it’s no. 6.

  4. Probably an issue of economics. The guy “covers” the Kings, Ducks, baseball and basketball. Fox probably saves money by having one “personality” (I use the word loosely). In terms of the Kings (and the Ducks), they probably figure that the average viewer is not all that hockey sophisticated and won’t know the difference. I guess you’ll know that hockey has really taken off in L.A. when enough people care to affect the ratings.

    Nonetheless, his acumen when it comes to hockey is embarassing. His interviews seem scripted, vacant and redundant. At least Heidi is cute, and she seems to be dialed into the team somewhat.

    Yes some of those workers at the concessions are slow. One would expect better given the cost of the items.


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