First, he states during the intermission (after going over Heidi Androl’s busy schedule) that if you have money, Heidi is willing to work, which of course implies Heidi is whoring for work.

Then, during a post game interview with Kopitar (with Jim Fox in the middle chair), he tells Kopitar not to get into any fights in the game and to leave that to Ivanans, Clune and then proceeds with “I know you want to drop the gloves, but you are too good of a goal scorer.” Kopitar looks at him a bit confused and responds “where did you hear that I want to drop the gloves?”  Patrick then states that is why Fox is in the middle chair, to avoid anything stupid he (Patrick) says from reaching Kopitar.  Wow.  Back to the mental hospital for this idiot.  Does he fill some type of affirmative action retard quota akin to a few of the concession stands personnel?