I hear Murray is happy with Clune’s play. He’s just what we needed. A player whose “contribution level” divided into “anticipated detriment” = zero. A competent irrelevant. That should help the special teams.

Does someone keep track of which team leads the league in shots that miss the net? I would pay money to see this stat for the Kings.

Kopitar is back on his game. Now, if we can just convince Murray to stop fucking around with his line mates, he may stay hot.

Who the heck are we supposed to root for in the USA v. Canada game? The Golden Child on defense against our captain and a Michigan Man.

If someone asked Purcell to evaluate his season to date, would he respond that he’s happy with his play?

Dallas picked up Segal just to spite us. They are still bitter over the “Royal Rebound”, not to mention being suckered into Lauri Tukonen.  Was his first name really Lauri? That’s embarrassing.

What about Jacob makes him Surly anyway?

Frolov is not getting signed before the season ends boys and girls. Those in love with Sasha take a deep breath and resign (pun intended) yourself to the fact that he is likely playing his last year as a King.

If Simmonds was a faster skater, he would be the best player on this team.

If Kopitar had a mean streak and edge, he would be as good as any forward in the NHL. He is almost the complete package…almost.

So, Kovalchuk finally scored a goal as a Devil and the fans threw hats on the ice.  Let that one sink in for a while. When you figure it out, let me know.

Surly called to tell me that Jones is playing tonight. Good grief coach, I think you need this Olympic break as much as the players do – check your head.


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  1. “Does someone keep track of which team leads the league in shots that miss the net?”

    Yeah, that would be a cool stat to have! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an official answer on this, but I’ve always wondered if hitting the post (without the puck going in) is a shot on goal. I’d have to say no considering 100% of the time a goal is not scored.

    I’ll be rooting for USA to kick Canada’s ass if only to have something to say next time some Canadian douche-bag opens his mouth at Staples. (of course not all are douches, a win would just be good ammo for the ones that are!)

    Neither one of you two made it to the suite I’m guessing? Too bad, would have been good to have you guys there.

  2. Excellent musings.

  3. The “Royal Rebound”? Sounds like a night I recently spent with one of the Ice Crew girls who’d just broken up with her boyfriend.


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