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  1. Its almost as cold as the reception I’ll get if I ever step foot in Phoenix again.

  2. First I have to stand here for 5 minutes due to this malfunction, then I have to ride in the back of a truck in the rain for 15 minutes? I could be at Sherwood Country Club playing golf instead! Why didn’t they just ask Celine Dion to do this?

  3. “Son of a Mother#%&&^ bitch! I was really hoping to get this year off to a good start after last years’ disaster in Phoenix. Now this. Damn it!…(a few minutes later)…Ok, ok Kings, I’ll come back and finish what I started and do my part to bring you the Cup. Perhaps that will end the jinx. Yeah, that’s it!”

  4. I’m indoors and it’s warm in here and I have to wear all this winter gear and hold a flame, and wait and wait, is that sweat comming of my head. Whos that talking in my ear? hey get out of my head.. I hope that the guys from South Park don’t make fun of this. They will BLAME CANADA.. lets light this think so I can get on to the events

  5. “Damn that McSorley and his illegal stick!”

  6. Taco Time…. never again. Brown on white is not a good color any… too late.

  7. I really wish I didn’t have those two cups of coffee and chili cheese dogs! Come on cheeks, stay together!


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