St. Valentine’s day rarely brings what we Kings fans crave the most – the love of our team. Instead, we find ourselves searching for greeting cards, buying dinners and expensive bottles of wine made from French grapes. Those we love or like more than a little and who sit across from us have come to know our rabid passion for our team and while we cannot always be so fortunate to pour the glass of a subtle Pinot or a hearty Cabernet over a good discussion about puck, there is no reason we cannot put that love on display right here.  Thus, my crazy brothers, I bring you a poem, written for that special someone that holds such a boundless place in our heart.

To our Dear Kings,

We start with Anze, our Kopitar.  Your stride, your shot, our superstar. Your will, your skill, your two way game, at the top belongs your number and name.

To Drew, the Truth, our Doughty one whose talents we revere.  Our golden child to whom we look a celebrated Kings’ career.

To Ryan, your presence is always felt, we ask you mold our youth. Your courage has been your testament, we love you for all you do.

Sean, you bring us leadership, and a fierce will to win. To us you have always been a King, our blood, our dearest kin.

To Johnson, your pride, our Jack of trade, our Michigan man with talents arrayed.

O’ Captain, Our Captain, our sweet shy Brown. With checks you crush and beat them down.

Jarret, you know you Stoll our heart with your faceoff skills and wicked shot.

Scuderi, who came as our missing piece.

Zeus who with Ryan owns the crease.

To Quick, our son, our chosen one.

And Matt whose efforts never cease.

To Oscar whose talents forge with time.

And Clune, we cheer your subtle crimes.

To Brad who makes us rich with pride.

And Justin we wait by your side.

To Wayne, our night, our force, our train that no defense can contain.

Even Raitis we love your smile.

Teddy, less bear, more hostile.

To Drewiske, young but ever smart.

Harrold, so verstaile with such big heart.

Our Fro we hope you never part. Stay a King, with a brand new start.

To coach Murray, we hope you stay but please fix that powerplay.  Teach the kids to win with pride and to never lose the fire inside.

To Dean we thank for all you’ve done, and intend to do, let’s make that run.

My fellow fans, cheer so loud, Go Kings Go, scream, be proud.

Take solace in what we have done.

But never forget the pain.

This journey is not complete.

Until the hockey world we reign!

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  1. drinking in la…

    chillin with my 40.

    showin my pride,

    with my 11 on my back,

    i got wingmen all around…

    see who scores fist,

    Kings! Kings! Kings!

    Check the quaks,

    at the door,

    no need for hate,

    were winners baby!


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