There is something sexy about woman’s curling. The cute outfits. The pony tails. The gentle manner in which they handle the rock. The smooth slide forward on one knee. The focused intensity and gazing eyes. The long pole and brush that they vigorously jerk back and forth in front of it. Even the yelling at one another, mostly in a foreign tongue, across the ice as they direct the stone to its intended target is hot. Yes, I consider Canadians foreigners as well. At, we know sexy…and we’re a little bored while waiting for the Germany v. Finland hockey game. So here are a few other suggestions to accentuate curling’s appeal to a broader crowd.

Pony tails become pig tails. Seriously, that, by itself, would increase the sexy quotient significantly.

For every rock that lands in the center, the other team has to take an item of clothing off.

No fat chics. This is directly corollated to the preceding and following suggestion.

If any girl touches the stone after it is released, she takes one item of a teammate’s clothing off.

Above the knee cotton skirts with knee high socks in their respective country’s colors.

A shot of tequila after each round.

No high fives. Only gentle kisses.

Simple and subtle rule changes that would make curling even more enjoyable than it already is.  Have a few of your own?