Sunday shall be a glorious day, as the USA steps on the ice for the second consecutive day of unrest against host Canada to play for the Olympic gold medal.

I know this script. Read it. Liked it. Saw the theatrical release last week. Two thumbs up.

As we spend the day tomorrow watching our home-town god Zeus wipe Teemu Selanne from the face of Olympia forever while we wait for several million Canadians to die from disgusting beer poisoning, let us reflect on why we so despise those goofy folk to the north.

South Park knows what’s up.

Peter Griffin gets right to the point.

This man speaks from experience.

And though I don’t approve of rap in general, this video combines them all.

“Home of the loss, and the disappointed teams, who would have been better off just avoiding dreams.”

Well said Mr. Bomb.

Sorry Doughty, I love you, I do. Or, I will. On Monday.

Until then, there is only victory.

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  1. And now, ladies and gentlemen… Dion Phaneufffffff! Lead singer of The Dweebs!!!!!!

  2. Chris “The Physicist” Pronger: Duh, I always wanted my toilet to have a flush handle in the form of a hockey stick! Duhhhhhh.

  3. Alright, more pictures are up, and I got the videos working. Sorry for being a dumbass. I hate html.

  4. That 1rst picture looks like one of those grey aliens off of the South Park episode were Earth is a reality show.Canada Sucks Smegma through straws.


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