Before some of you have a heart attack, I have not written that Raffi Torres has been traded to the Kings. He hasn’t and perhaps he won’t but as I look at available players, I keep coming back to him as a great fit.

Torres is a 6 foot, 216 pound left winger. He is 28 years old. He is a former 1st round draft pick (2000), 5th overall.  He plays an edgy, physical game, sometimes with reckless abandon. He has a nose for the net, a good shot (ranked 5th in the league in shooting percentage), speed and is effective on the powerplay. He has a knack for scoring game winning goals.

It’s not perfect. He has had injury problems. He missed 29 games last season though he has been relatively healthy this time around. I think we can look at his “party” past as very much in the past. Since he was acquired by Columbus, Torres appears to have matured and elevated his game. Raffi can be streaky.

He has posted good numbers (19-11-30) this season. His cap hit is only 2.25M and he is an UFA come July.

So, what is the downside?

Not much, if anything. Due to his UFA status, we can likely land him for a prospect (read, Purcell) and a pick (3rd, maybe as high as a 2nd).

Torres is a low risk, medium reward move. I don’t know why Dean doesn’t do this. He brings depth to the left wing position. Torres fits very nicely on the 3rd or 4th line, brings energy and an offensive upside without the defensive liability and can play the 2nd as well if injuries require it. Smyth, Brown, Handzus and Torres would wreak havoc on opposing goaltenders in front of the net.

Get ‘er done Dean.

Go Kings!

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