I received an interesting story from Jake, who was from Hudson, Wisconsin (the same hometown as our defenseman, Davis Drewiske, aka “Whiskey”) and was a year younger than him in high school. Jake tells the following story about Whiskey:

After making All-State in football as a middle linebacker his junior year he began his hockey season as one of the best defensemen in the state. In an early season tourney in northern Minnesota he was checked into the boards. He went on to play much of the rest of the game, but after suffering from back pain he went to a nearby hospital. It was discovered he had cracked a few vertebrate in his neck and needed surgery. When he returned to school he had a Halo on connecting his head to his neck. It wasn’t clear if he would ever play sports again and I’ll never forget how down he was after those first few weeks. After about 6 months of wearing the Halo it was removed during the summer months. Somehow he was cleared to play football in the fall, made All-State in football, was named Mr. Hockey in Wisconsin in ’03 and made All-State in Baseball as well. To go from wearing a Halo to being named Mr. Hockey within 15-16 months is pretty remarkable and is a story that I think most people in the NHL and even back in college didn’t know about.

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