In the time of the Persian wars, the likes of Herodotus did not report from the conflict but rather wrote about the events thereafter. Since the advent of journalism in its modern form, brave men and women have been sent to battlefields abroad, not to fight but to report therefrom and live to do so.  That is why I did tonight as Roy Pinney and even Christiane Amanpour has done before me. I entered the enemy’s lair and now come to you from within, unscathed but for the resultant scars from the imagery of what I witnessed, to report on an old friend in siege who is now a hostage within the chains of suck and behind the orange curtain.

The rumors were true. Lubomir Visnovsky, a former and beloved comrade in arms now dawns the jersey of duck. I watched from high above, encamped in a suite within section 317 with disbelieving eyes and a somber heart, our old Lubomir step on the ice. He entered as we knew him. Steady strides. Speed. Grace. He handled the puck in the defensive zone with confidence and experience. His break out passes were excellent. His positioning was as good as I remember. He is still small in stature. That continues to place limitations on his play along the boards and the physical aspects of the game but what he lacks in size he makes up in will and talent. He singlehandedly, when every other Duck were glazed and confused, stickhandled through several Blue Jacket players to draw a penalty. In the third period, he blasted a slap shot past Garon for a goal.

In a game that saw 24 combined penalties, much of which were the result of no-talent goonery, and a collection of Anaheim players that gave a shameful though predictable performance, Visnovsky stood out as the only shining light. Unfortunately for our fallen brother, it appears he has no escape from the dark side this season and may soon succumb to become a fractured version of his former self. I would have preferred not to witness what I did but, alas, if not for my sacrifice you may not know the truth of what now is of what used to be.

A moment of silence for Lubo…

Go Kings.

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  1. I too joined in your silence as I wepped at what has befallen our young Lubo.Why we didn’t trade for him with our pending playoff quest is a travesty.Your journey into the cave of iniquities is commendable.

    • Lubo comes with a yikes filled contract, one that ironically Lombardi gave him. I wouldn’t have wanted him with that contract but that doesn’t diminish my former love for him


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