I asked the wife what I should title this article. She responded, “woo hoo.” I considered it though I immediately got an image of Homer Simpson in my head and couldn’t get it out. Speaking of the Simpsons, the Kings might as well have played against that wacky family tonight. Homer on defense, Milhouse in net and Marge coaching. Bart, well Bart is cool and he would be a Kings fan. For the remainder of the article, the team we played tonight shall be referred to as the Simpsons. They act like a cartoon show, we treat them like one.

The first period resembled an explosion of sorts. Simmonds and Doughty scored within less than a minute of each other, the latter on a beautiful soft pass from behind the net from Handzus on Doughty’s stick who followed it with an angry slap shot. The former was a breakaway that saw a quick wrister get nothing but twine. The Kings weren’t done. A 4 minute powerplay gave the Kings 2 additional goals, one from a relentless Handzus in front of the net and the second on a heavy Alexander Frolov slap shot.

Milhouse out of the net.

Lisa in.

End of the 1st.

Another dumb penalty led to another big powerplay. Fredrik Modin did something that we have come to expect from Kopitar, Brown, Simmonds, Stoll and every other Kings’ offensive threat this season. He took the puck and drove to the net. He was rewarded with a pretty back handed goal.

At this point, I looked up at the scoreboard and saw this.

Notice the shots on goal. At the 12:20 mark of the second period, the Kings had more goals than the Simpsons had shots.

About 5 minutes later, this happened.

Yup, Richardson made it 6-0 on a rebound.

There was only one thing left to make this night complete. That’s right, you superstitious bastards who cringe during games when fans like me say the S word…shut out!  I think tonight, Surly would have gotten the shutout and since Quick could never be outdone by our own resident maniac, he obliged with his third of the season.

It’s hard not to be happy after this one, or to put it another way WOO HOO!


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  1. Im glad i dont need to learn french to understand this.

  2. I feel bad for them.There kind of like the wimpy kid down the street.When some bully is having a bad day and looks out the window just in time to see him riding his blue bike with the banana seat,and frillies on the handle bars.Unknowingly asking for an ass whipping.

  3. Columbus suc’e.


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