Hockey is a game of breaks. Breakouts, breakaways, good breaks, bad breaks, outbreaks (love you Bob!) and heart breaks. Tonight had some of each and ended with thousands of Kings fans with a face palm to their forehead or a hyperbolic version of a certain four letter word.

I don’t have the energy to right a long post game. It was all sucked out of my body and flung around the living room when Brad Richardson turned the puck over at center ice while Randy -3 Jones and Jack Johnson forgot their role is to first play defense. Must be that Michigan influence creeping back…I kid Jack. I love Jack. Settle down. While Kings fans like myself do wish to see an end to the Randy Jones experiment (I would settle for a waiver or a flogging), it appears we may be stuck with this gray hair inducing vomit of a defenseman for the remainder of the season.

On a brighter note, Anze Kopitar, Michael Handzus, Alexander Frolov, Wayne Simmonds and Fredrik Modin turned in a solid performance. Quick also played well. Wayne Simmonds seemed especially wound up after the Hawks were taking runs at him in the first. He landed in the penalty box too many times for this writer’s taste. Wayne is at his best when he is putting others into the box or otherwise on the ice surrounded by a pool of their own blood.

So we take a point boys and girls. It could have been worse. Randy Jones could have been a -4 and we could have lost this game in regulation. For what it’s worth, I put at least 1.5% of the blame for this loss on Surly. He can explain, or at least try to do so.

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