In the past three games, I have noticed something new in Anze’s slap and wrist shots. His slap shots appear to have a shorter backswing and therefore seem harder and more accurate. I have also noticed a quicker release on his wrist shots especially while he is skating.

Am I the only one who is seeing this? Perhaps Surly can dig up some videos from the past 3 games and compare them to earlier games.

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  1. He has got one fo the best wrist shots in the NHL. Look at the goal against the Blackhawks. Can you even see the puck? And it was just a wrist shot.

    • That shot against the Hawks, the angle and release / snap was not what I have previously seen. He has always had a good wrist shot but man, I even did a WHOA! when I saw it and the ones since then.

  2. I mean, it left the commentators speechless. What else can you want? “Score!” and some seconds of muttering and babbling, trying to figure out what just happened. I don’t know that much about technique but I watch the replay over and over and still cannot clearly see the path of the puck. All i know it lands in the goal. And flies with lightning speed, it seems. I am a big fan of Kopi. One more scoring winger, that would be awesome. Kovalchuk????? Don’t know. Marleau, would he sign for the Kings????

    • Your comment read like you just had 4 red bulls

      • Coffee, don’t drink Red Bull unless its mixed with alcohol.
        Only joking, but I watched the replay of his goal against the Avs today. The same thing: fake, load, shoot, SCORE!!!. About two seconds. Uses Smyth as a cover, puts the puck right into the top right (goaltender view) corner. And they call Kovalchuk a sniper. I think not.
        But you know more, so how is it looking with some reinforcements for the next season. Or were Modin and Halpern it? I should hope not. Worst case scenario: Ray Whitney.


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