I don’t get mad.

It’s not necessary.

Bear with me here. You will understand.

In the age of the internet it is a waste of time to yell and scream at NHL referee Dean Morton for his beer league amateurish call of the game tonight against the Nashville Predators. Instead, the words NHL referee Dean Morton should calmly release from our finger tips and onto our keyboards. We can accompany it with statements such as NHL referee Dean Morton sucks. We can write NHL referee Dean Morton is a sign of our times – a dipshit in a position of power. We can throw crass insults at NHL referee Dean Morton and tell him to bend over and use his good eye next time he officiates a game. I was tempted to yell out to NHL referee Dean Morton, “Hey Dean, get off your knees you fuck, you’re blowing the game.” Tempted, but there were kids around.

We could have been gracious to NHL referee Dean Morton and offered our cell phone to him so that NHL referee Dean Morton could make a damn call. We could have all joined in a chant for NHL referee Dean Morton and sang in unison “I can’t hear, I can’t see, I want to be a referee!” Come to think of it, we could have asked NHL referee Dean Morton to buy us a drink next time before he screws us. Better yet, we could tell NHL referee Dean Morton the story about how we left with his wife after the match because even she was disgusted by the way he called the game. She is by the railroad tracks on Slauson Avenue in South Central by the way. That’s where I left her…not really, hell I don’t even know if the guy is married…

We could have done a lot of things but ultimately it is my hope that this article shows up on the internet and Dean Morton screwing up tonight gets noticed. What I write of course is my opinion on his idiocy. Hell, some people like idiocy. Do you like idiocy?

The Kings started tonight’s game where they finished the last one against these same Predators – playing like they forgot how to carry the puck. Nashville’s defense is first and foremost focused on defending against the dump and chase. So, what game did the Kings play the entire night? Dump and get beaten to the puck by a Predator defenseman, only to have the play go the other way. That’s right folks. Our forwards from the neutral zone, at the blue line, hell even after they crossed into the offensive zone dumped the puck in the corner only to lose it.

The first 10 minutes saw the Predators control the puck, cycle, get to the front of the net and eventually score. Jonathan Quick gave up a goal from a sharp angle to Steve Sullivan. For a second, I got a migraine and flash back to Jason LaBarbera. The Kings finally got on board in the second half of the first on a nice feed by Michal Handzus to Anze Kopitar who was all alone in the crease.

Nashville continued to take the play to the Kings in the second. In addition to outshooting the Kings, it appeared they were, at will, controlling the puck in our zone. Much of that can be placed on the shoulders of Jack Johnson and other Kings’ defenders who seemed quite content on tossing the puck down the middle of the ice in our own zone. If you had a weak heart, this was not the game to attend. I think I counted 8 such plays in the game that could have resulted in Nashville intercepting the puck and taking it to our net. Fortunately for the Kings, there was no scoring in the second period.

The third…well, what can you say? The Kings did not play well but managed to take the lead on a rarity in tonight’s match – a player going to the middle of the ice. That player was Dustin Brown and he made a nice move from the corner to the middle and sent a wrist shot past Nashville goaltender, Pekka Rinne. Yes, his first name is really Pekka. Yes, I have been tempted to call him…

Speaking of which, that brings us to NHL referee Dean Morton. Nashville tied the game shortly after Dustin’s goal when Erat drove to the net, Quick stopped him but (as has been the failure of his game since the Olympic break) could not control the rebound. Colin Wilson received a gift that Surly could have put in (though he would have hit the inside of the post first).  Shortly thereafter, what looked like a Kings goal was called back for goaltender interference by NHL referee Dean Morton. There was one problem with the call. There wasn’t a single damn King near Rinne and not a single player touched him. Perhaps he sees dead people. Perhaps he is a moron. We’ll never know. What we do know is that this gifted super wonder of a referee then allowed a goal to stand on what appeared to be an interference on Jonathan Quick. Dan Hamhuis shot the puck from above the left circle. Quick again gave up the rebound but also was taken out of the play and across the crease by the crashing Predator. Patric Hornqvist got to the puck and tucked in a gimme. Why no call? Well, Quick asked the same question:

“I thought that’s why they had video replay. We don’t even touch Rinne. It looked like, on the video, that we didn’t touch Rinne, and that’s goalie interference. The guy runs into me and takes me across the crease, and that’s a goal. Obviously that was a blown call, and no explanation. He wouldn’t even explain it to me.

Terry Murray was just as bewildered.

“It’s a discretion call. The referree, when I spoke with him after three or four shifts — there was a TV timeout and he came over and I asked for an explanation — he said he didn’t see the player going through the crease. The puck was lying there. That’s all he saw on their goal. So that was the explanation that I got. It’s exactly the same play. I watched the replay two or three times. It’s exactly the same play. I don’t know, on the other end, when we get the call on the goal disallowed, why it’s not a goal. I don’t understand that one.”

Look, the Kings played like a bunch of old ladies late for a bunco game but the referees were a significant factor in this loss. I don’t give any of our players a free ride except perhaps Jonathan Quick considering he just had his first child – well, his wife had their first child but Jonathan had to watch the whole damn thing and try not to say anything that would upset her. That can be stressful, believe me, I know. But at the end of the day, or in this case, the mid-afternoon, every facet of the Kings game needs improvement. None of the lines worked. Nobody was forechecking. I don’t even know what the hell the defense thought they were doing out there. We were beaten to puck after puck in our own zone and theirs and perhaps most importantly we didn’t play with any sense of urgency throughout the game in a most critical time of the season…and Dustin, I love you, I really do, but for the love of God when Drew Doughty is wide open at the end of the game and in perfect shooting position, pass the freaking puck! How many unnecessary stick handles was that? Four?

This wasn’t some exhibition match or a throw away in October. It’s mid March. We are in the playoff hunt. Murray needs to get his soldiers in line.

To top it off, my Anze Kopitar bobblehead looks like Sean O’Donnell and who did the lettering of his name at the bottom? Some homeless woman on Olympic? Maybe it was NHL referee Dean Morton’s wife. She must have made her way back from the place I didn’t leave her.

Go Kings! For the love of everything right in this world, GO KINGS!

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  1. Very very nice and funny, hell, hilarious at times. But the game was anything but funny, despite the fact that we could call NHL referee Dean Morton and his calls a freaking joke.


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