Few Kings players receive as many diverging opinions from fans as our Captain Dustin Brown. Some consider him a 1st line winger and goal scorer who is having a disappointing season and not playing to his potential. Others a power forward who should not be counted on to score but to make room for his linemates and to create traffic in front of the net. A few, maybe more than a few, a selfish hockey player who doesn’t pass enough, takes too many poor shots on goal and doesn’t deliver enough physical punishment which they would advance is his primary role.  1st line. 2nd line. 3rd line. Talk to 20 fans and you will get 10 different opinions for varying reasons. A couple of those may tell you that the C on his chest was the worst thing that happened to his game.

Are his stats indicative of his play? Does he bring intangibles that can’t be measured?

Dustin is a bit of an enigma but what so many highlight as his weakness is his greatest strength. Dustin hits, he scores, when he plays the role of a playmaker, he excels, he drives to the net, he causes traffic, he can at different times fit different roles. Jack of all trades, master of none? Today, perhaps. A player that is above average to good at many aspects of the game but not elite at any? I think so. Room to improve at each facet of his game? Absolutely and therein lies Dustin’s potential. While we mix frustration with expectation to make disappointment soup in our captain’s play, what we forget is we have a 6’0″, 208 pound, 25 year old right winger who hasn’t reached his potential and will do so in the next 3 to 5 years to become better at every facet of that above average to good game he possesses today so that each aspect becomes good to damn good.

Would you be happy with a 28 year old right winger that can pot 20-30 goals, 30-50 assists, hits like a steel ball, takes ownership of the front of the net and brings character and integrity on and off the ice? Nah, who needs one of those.


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  1. I have a tendency to think of Brownie as an intellegent power forward with better than average speed who is developing into a leader/scorer.I concede that he hasn’t hit his complete game yet,but 28 to 32 are the prime years I’m looking at.Till then(unless he’s traded)I guess I’ll have to just put up with all the bitching and complaining from fans who don’t see it the same way I do.

  2. Dustin didn’t do much to validate this article in tonight’s game against the Hawks.


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