This is a hockey goal.

This is Elmo. He loves you.

Shots that go wide don’t beat Elmo. Shots that are not taken never reach Elmo. When nearly the entire game is played on the side of the ice away from Elmo, Elmo can relax and watch his team score goals.

If Elmo was in goal for the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, the Kings would have still lost.

I saw something tonight that I have not seen in a long time. The Kings didn’t look lazy. They didn’t look tired. They looked incompetent.

With the sole exception of Ryan Smyth, I didn’t see a single forward playing as if they knew their role.

With the sole exception of Drew Doughty and Matt Greene, every Kings defender looked like Randy Jones on a bad night.

Jack Johnson. Wow. Brutal to watch. Sean O’Donnell. I love you man. What the hell was that?

Jonathan Quick. It doesn’t work if he gives up a very soft goal each game. Five big saves mean nothing without consistently good goaltending. It is time he sits for a game.

Kudos to the Blackhawk fans behind Jim Fox and Patrick O’Neil in the post game. You gave me a good laugh.

Go Kings.

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  1. HA HA HA!Elmo was Coaching.Your right,the kings didn’t look lazy.They just got outcoached tonight.1rst game in a while where I didn’t believe the Kings would come back and atleast make it close.Everything the Kings tried to do tonight,Chicago had an answer for.They are elite for a reason,but FUCK they just lost to the Ducks.


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