According to Rich Hammond, this is how the Kings skated this morning.






Then, we have this statement by coach Terry Murray when asked about the difference between desperation and panic within the context of the Kings’ play.

“That’s a very narrow thread that you walk right there. The desperation is a good thing. It elevates everybody’s adrenaline and emotions and your focus. You’re going out and playing the game, shift after shift, at that high tempo that we’ve shown to be able to play at for most of the year. I feel, sometimes, there’s a reluctance to make the plays that we’re very capable of making, for fear of a mistake. Then the panic attitude maybe sets in a little bit, where we’re throwing pucks away and getting rid of them without that ability to make plays. That is that fine line, itself. It’s the composure part of the game that allows you to play with desperation and play with control.”

So, how do we categorize these lines changes. Desperation or panic?

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  1. or a big fat joint in the office with DL before practice?

    TM: Deano, by boy, I’m gonna f*** with their heads in practice today.

    DM: Go get ’em, Murph!

    TM (just after exhaling a huge toke): Stick around and check out my first line.


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