Allow me to apologize in advance. It turns out that screaming your head off until your lungs stop responding negatively affects the particulates of your memory.

Let me see what I can recall from this crucial 4-3 overtime win against the stinky, ugly, fast, tenacious and talented Avalanche.

LETS GO KI-INGS! Clap clap, clapclapclap.





Damn Jones.


Damn Johnson.


There’s your game in a nutshell. A loud, intense and much needed sweet nutshell.

The game got off to a good start as the Kings did not come out of the gate sleepwalking. All of their alarms went off on time, save for Modin, who took the liberty of scoring the first goal of the game… for the Avalanche. He tipped a pass attempt from Chris Stewart behind Quick in the early goings.

No matter. Smyth had him covered.

The Kings powerplay was clicking when Kopitar fed a beautiful cross ice pass to Stoll from the left boards near the blueline to Stoll at the right face-off circle. Stoll then threw a shot-pass to the front, where Smyth redirected the puck past Craig Anderson.

A bunch of other stuff happened. Brown was interesting. My throat was only mildly sore.

Then the 2nd period rolled along and Wayne Simmonds revealed the mighty Anderson’s weakness, the wrap around. Simmonds broke free behind the net, walked out unhindered and slammed the puck between the tiniest of holes between the Colorado goalie’s pads to put the Kings up 2-1 heading into the third period.

My throat hurt pretty bad. Yelling the entire musical refrain that leads up to “AVALANCHE SUCK” really takes a toll on an esophagus. Little did my poor vocals know what was to come in the third.

Furious play. A playoff atmosphere. Save after save, blown call by the refs after penalty on the Kings after blown call by the refs. That sentence was pretty bad. Deal with it.

Randy Jones decided it was a good idea to pinch high before the puck had entered the Colorado zone, let alone been controlled by the Kings. The result was Matt Greene facing a quick turnover and a 2-1. He could only watch, his eyes inches above the ice as he slid to block a would-be pass, as Peter Mueller snuck a shot past Quick. Some might call it a weak goal. I might. If it weren’t for Randy Jones I would. Since Randy Jones exists and gets plenty of ice time, I will just call it inevitable.

Luckily for the Kings, and the window at Jones’ house I was all prepared to smash with a brick, Ryan Smyth wasn’t done for the night. Taking a cue from Simmonds’ (not that he needed it), Smyth stuffed a wrap around of his own behind Anderson to give the Kings their second lead of the game.

All was right in Kings’ land. We were 6.6 seconds away from being 3 points clear of the Avalanche in the standings. Then Mueller made a nice play in the neutral zone. Paul Stastny made a better play to get around Scuderi. Jack Johnson watched from the empty part of the crease as T.J. Galiardi (I don’t consider that a real name) poked a loose puck in to the net with Michal Handzus draped over his backside. So to OT we went.

You can credit the Avalanche with some very strong play. That team is for real and Matt Duchene has erased all question in my mind that he deserved to be the 1st overall draft pick last June. I won’t credit them, because I don’t feel like it, but you probably should.

Several more missed calls by the refs later, they got one right when Ruslan Salei cross-checked Justin Williams in front of Anderson. Shortly thereafter, with Smyth shaking his money maker in Anderson’s face, Drew Doughty let rip a cannon that rang in off the post to seal the deal on the Kings’ victory.

And then my voice was gone.


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