Yesterday I implored Murray to put Davis Drewiske back in the line-up.

Today he did.

Problem is, the wrong player came out. Matt Greene will not play tonight due to an ‘upper-body injury’, which I think is a euphemism for his massive chin needing to feed (meaning that he can’t play because several sacred cows from India must be flown in as a blood sacrifice to his mighty mandible), caused by Darcy the Douche Mother Tucker’s reckless hit on an icing play. Darcy the Douche Mother Tucker will not play tonight either, as the league suspended his dumb ass for one game.

Either way, I got my wish that Terry Murray’s wish not need be wished, and Drewiske will see his first game action since February 11th. Unfortunately, only half the battle has been won, since Jones will still be in there, likely paired up with Whiskey. Oh joy, a guy who has played two games since early January and a guy who… well… Jones. I’m still in a good mood today, let’s not ruin it.

Petey Harrold will also be in the line-up in place of Clune. Sicne Darcy the Douche Mother Tucker won’t be playing, there isn’t much of a need for Clune as a counter-balance, though Murray cites fear of Whiskey rust as the reason for Harrold’s inclusion in the line-up.


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