What can I write? Dan O’Halloran is a steaming pile of dog shit? Yes. He is. The Kings couldn’t buy a lucky break? You bet. Craig Anderson played like the most overrated goalie in the league? I thought so. The Avalanche are a bunch of fortunate hacks who deserved to lose? That wouldn’t be completely fair though two of their goals were scored by Kings defensemen, Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty.

I only have two criticisms of the Kings’ game. Cycling and skating in the perimeter endlessly is fun to watch but without shots on goal, it doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. The Kings’ offense is anemic without traffic in front of the net and it took the Kings 40 minutes to figure that out. I realize getting offensive pressure is difficult when NHL referee Dan O’Halloran is intent on keeping the Kings on the penalty kill at least half the game. However, though O’Halloran single handedly played a significant part in the Kings’ loss with his full incompetence on display, the Kings during the second period seemed content to skate through the neutral zone, dump it, offer no forecheck and get on defense.

I know. We got a point. When the game went into the shootout, I told myself that I should be happy with 1 point but I have since decided that is loser talk. We should have won this game. We should be angry at losing it. Jonathan Quick should be angry at his goaltending and remind all of us why he is a top goaltender in this league.

Let’s leave the Blues black and bruised tomorrow night. I expect blood.

Go Kings!

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