Do you think Drew Doughty will always be grinning like a geeky kid on his way into the closet with the resident hot chick after a lucky round of spin the bottle?

Nearly every time they show Drew on TV, be it on the bench or on the ice, he is smiling and laughing. You can tell the kid just loves absolutely everything about being in the NHL.

I doubt it will happen, but I worry that the long years of playing professional hockey will eventually wipe this continuous grin off of his face. Or do you think Doughty will also be our resident big kid, even when he eventually fully matures into a man’s body?

Also, a question for any of you who had the pleasure of watching Drew in juniors and other levels of hockey. Was he always like that, just having a blast, or is his contagious joy a result of finally having landed in his dream job?

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