Tonight, the Kings lost 4-1 to a team that will not make the playoffs, a team they have defeated 5 times this season. Much can be said and written.

I don’t recognize the person in goal. He isn’t Jonathan Quick. He is slow, gives up rebounds at will, looks unfocused and reacts late to the puck.

Drew Doughty is allowed to have a bad game. Tonight was bad. Hope he has it out of his system.

Dustin Brown does try hard. Sometimes though I feel as though I am watching a high school kid trying to take a law school exam.

Kopitar isn’t good enough yet to take over games on a consistent basis. He will be though. That much I feel confident about.

We miss Greene. We miss the steady force he is on defense. We miss his leadership. We miss what he allows Doughty and Johnson to do.

On a macro scale, special teams win or lose the Stanley Cup. On a micro scale, it changes momentum, builds or kills energy, starts comebacks, feeds blow outs and factors greatly in wins and losses. The Kings have lived and died by special teams. We need oxygen. Stat.

Justin Williams is not ready. But he is a warrior and he will be. When? I don’t know. Soon. I hope.

If it were not for Ryan Smyth, Michal Handzus and Jarret Stoll, this team would be much worse. No one player is a team but these three are its veteran anchors.

I have grown especially tired of seeing Kings defensemen deflecting pucks into our net. I have grown more tired of seeing Quick allowing it.

Wayne Simmonds must be playing hurt. I cannot believe that he has lost a step and the physical element has left his game for no reason whatsoever. I am most concerned about Wayne because he is next to Doughty the most important player on this team. It’s a compliment, a big one and not having him at full capacity leaves the team with a limp.

How poorly do the Kings have to play to mask how terrible of a hockey player Randy Jones is? You are seeing it.

Stephane Auger is irrelevant. To call him incompetent is unnecessarily redundant. His actions speak loudest.

The time for meetings is over.

The time for the youth of this team to take ownership has come.

Horace wrote “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” It is time to wake. Go Kings.