A team struggling since the Olympic break.

A critical time of the season.

Those chasing from behind.

Others trying to pull away.

Kings v. Canucks. A test of character amidst adversity. A defining moment. Consider the moment defined.

Dustin Brown’s hattrick makes a statement. I am this team’s Captain. I lead by example.

Jack Johnson’s skating, vision, and passing makes a statement. Hype be damned. I will meet expectations.

Kopitar, Smyth and Williams’ performance makes a statement. We are the magic and showtime is back.

Beating a team against whom we have been struggling makes a statement. We are the unbeatable when we want to be.

Handzus’ resolve and fierce competitiveness makes a statement. I will do whatever it takes to win.

Drew Doughty’s maturity and weekly evolution makes a statement. I will be one the greatest defensemen in league history.

Jonathan Bernier beating Robert Luongo at this time of the season makes a statement. Soon, you will look across the ice, see me and know that I am the better goalie.

A statement game. Believe.