A team struggling since the Olympic break.

A critical time of the season.

Those chasing from behind.

Others trying to pull away.

Kings v. Canucks. A test of character amidst adversity. A defining moment. Consider the moment defined.

Dustin Brown’s hattrick makes a statement. I am this team’s Captain. I lead by example.

Jack Johnson’s skating, vision, and passing makes a statement. Hype be damned. I will meet expectations.

Kopitar, Smyth and Williams’ performance makes a statement. We are the magic and showtime is back.

Beating a team against whom we have been struggling makes a statement. We are the unbeatable when we want to be.

Handzus’ resolve and fierce competitiveness makes a statement. I will do whatever it takes to win.

Drew Doughty’s maturity and weekly evolution makes a statement. I will be one the greatest defensemen in league history.

Jonathan Bernier beating Robert Luongo at this time of the season makes a statement. Soon, you will look across the ice, see me and know that I am the better goalie.

A statement game. Believe.


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  1. Out classed?, you do know we missed 3 out of our top 6 forwards, our best 2 d-men, and demitra who was like playing 50 because of his wife.

    no wonder nobody comes to this site, when you say things like that.

    • You had injuries? You don’t say. Good teams don’t use injuries as an excuse because every team has them. I will give you this. The Canucks played tonight like it was a playoff game. With Luongo gone cold, and knowing his history in big games, and hell, adding injuries to the equation, I think you have plenty to keep your mind occupied.

      Regarding the site, we get thousands of readers per week. We will chalk up that statement to talking out of your ass as well. But thanks for reading.

    • No, sounds about right. Hard to argue about anything with the score like that. Plus this is an LA Kings fans blog. Rabid fans.
      Big, big win for the Kings. Sorry, Jake.

  2. I visit frequently! GO KINGS GO!


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