We sometimes state or write that the coach can’t get out there and skate, pass, shoot and score. All correct assertions. There are limitations to coaching. He can’t play the game. He can teach his system and have the players buy into it but he cannot execute it for them. That is why issues like poor goaltending, shots sailing wide, and the absence of traffic in front of the net cannot be placed on a coach. But here is what can – Randy Jones.

If I were to give a semi automatic rifle to a severely mentally handicapped serial killer with a penchant for killing Kings fans and I happened to drop him off outside of the Honda Center tonight, I would have to take the brunt of the responsibility when thousands of dead bodies were wheeled out. Randy Jones is the resident mental patient and we are his nightly victims. This brain dead, half witted pylon of a defenseman has single handedly had more costly turnovers as well as generally been the most incompetent anything I have seen on the ice in decades. Not Gauthier. Not Modry. Neither were this bad. Half of his passes are either on the opposing team’s stick or to no one in particular. He pinches when he should stay back. He stays back when he should pinch. His favorite lane to send the puck when under pressure is right up the middle of the ice. He doesn’t hit. He doesn’t fight. He brings no physical presence to speak of. He sometimes gets a shot on goal though usually his shots sail high and wide. Yet, our coach, our head scratching, constant line shuffling, defense first, take care of your own zone before anything else instructor puts Jones in ahead of Drewiske, Harrold, hell one of the ice girls.

Am I upset that he cost us a goal tonight against the Ducks? Yes. Am I upset that nearly every time he had the puck, I am forced to hold my breath and wait for the worst. You bet. But you know what pisses me off the most? Randy Jones will cost us a playoff game. He will single handedly cause a goal which will prove the game winner or the back breaker. He is the definition of incompetent. To place him on the ice and tell him to do anything with the puck is the rifle. All he has to do is be given a shot.

It’s on you coach. You have options. Choose to put in the clown that is only missing the big red feet and when he costs us a game in the post season, we may all come back to this article and wonder why you fail to open your eyes to what Kings fan see with clarity – and we will blame you for handing this baboon the rifle.

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  1. Go take a look at his playoff stats from a couple years ago with the Flyers. You are dead wrong about this guy. He’s got 4 points in the last 4 games. Chill out.

  2. Might as well change your name to Bobby Nostradamus.


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