The first goal never even happened. Your eyes deceived you. That wasn’t Randy Jones who missed an assignment. That is because Randy Jones is dead to me. He doesn’t exist. Not for you, and not for me. It’s easier to cope this way.

The Kings outshot the Oilers 3,450 to 3 tonight. Unfortunately, all three goals went in. That’s what it felt like anyway as I saw the Kings miss by six to eighteen inches pucks that should have been buried into the net. The game started out as I had hoped and expected it would. From the drop of the puck, the Kings were in complete control. The puck was cycled with the intent to find gaps and shooting lanes. The Kings succeeded. Shots were sent low, high, left and right but each was turned away by Oilers’ goaltender Devan Dybnyk, who looked like a Vezina candidate.

The Oilers padded their 1-0 lead on the powerplay. Rob Scuderi’s skate did the honors on a cross ice pass by Comrie, who was credited with the goal. By the end of the second, the Kings found themselves trailing 2-0. Early in the third, what we have come to expect each game occurred yet again. Jonathan Quick gave up another soft goal, shorthanded no less, to Tom Gilbert. The relatively straightforward wrist shot beat Quick short side, below his glove. Quick froze in position a good 5 seconds after the shot as I can only assume he was reliving how he let that one by him. We were wondering the same thing.

Do not fret. Everything is fine.

Dustin Brown, Jarret Stoll and Michael Handzus scored consecutive goals, the latter with only 2:34 remaining in the game. On the third, give massive props to Wayne Simmonds whose hit along the boards caused the turnover that led to Handzus finding the puck on his stick. Zeus has been money in critical moments this season, a fact that translates well for us in the playoffs.

Alas, when everything was said and done, the joke turned out to be on us. In overtime, I found myself looking around wondering why I wasn’t seeing Kopitar out there. I do think he he may have had one shift, but apparently Murray’s brain had an adjustment and he thought the best way to win this thing is to keep our top scorer on the bench. He then followed that up by putting Ryan Smyth as the third guy on the shootout. Why? Who the hell knows. Perhaps he thinks Kopitar’s offensive game isn’t suited for the shootout and the power forward type stands a better chance. Maybe Murray thought Ryan would set a screen in front of Dybnyk and while everyone was confused and wondering what was going on, Terry would throw the puck at the net hoping to get a deflection. It wouldn’t have matter either way. Murray could have thrown Sean O’Donnell in the shootout and the Kings would have lost this game. I don’t know too many of these skills competitions that a team wins when they give up goals to the first two shooters.

An interesting quote by Pat Quinn unfortunately tells the story.

The Kings have some talent and grit, but the goals we had were easy,” Quinn said. “So if they keep that as a standard, then they won’t go far in the playoffs. They have great forwards that play well, and (Drew) Doughty and (Jack) Johnson are very talented on the defensive side, so once they have solid goaltending, they will always have a chance to win.”

Setting aside my hatred for Pat’s lack of integrity and ethics and taking the quote at face value, does this kind of nail it? Nah. Everything is fine and Pat Quinn should worry more about his own abortion of a team. He has plenty to keep him busy there. For the full tsn article, click here.

Up next, Colorado. They have been this side of suck since the break. In that respect, they are our brothers in arms. Who will start? Ersberg? Who knows. Terry Murray’s brain is more bizarre than that of John Malcovich and that’s a trip I’ll pass on for now. Everything is fine.


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  1. Like Quinn said,once we have solid goaltending we’ll be fine. Unfortunately as long as Murray keeps rumming Quick out there we won’t have that.

    • I do hope Murray knows what he is doing. While Surly and I during the season were scratching our heads as to why Ersberg wasn’t getting more games, I think both of us just put faith into the coach that he knew his goalie much better than we did. Since I have seen Murray do what he has done with the dead defenseman, I have become increasingly worried he has lost his mind. Ersberg is playing against Colorado today and I think / hope there are at least 3 games between today and the first game of the playoffs so that may help.


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