So, a Sharks fan recently offered the following words for Kings fans:

“I’ve watched both the Canucks and Kings play extensively this year. Probably 20 games or so apiece. I watch a lot of late night hockey, which justifies that in part. Here’s what I came here to say:

Kings in 6.

I know not a lot of posters/media are predicting you guys, but I am. I genuinely think you can win the series against a Canucks team that is, realistically, not built for the playoffs. I think you guys will be able to limit the points of the Sedins too. For example, Henrik has 3 points in 4 games against the Sharks this year, and is a -5. How? The Sharks push them, HARD, against the boards. They make them work for every inch. That’s playoff hockey. The Kings will need to do the same, but they can succeed.

I’ll be cheering hard for you guys (until we meet in the playoffs). I hope you can upset those cocky bandwagoners in Vancouver, because that’ll make everyone happy hahaha. So for the time being, LETS GO KINGS!”

I think we can all agree when we say, from your words to the Hockey Gods’ ears.

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