Kings’ power play: A beautiful misdirection play and a pass right on Stoll’s stick who put the shot high and past Whoongo. 1-0 Kings.

Just dumb Jack: Jack Johnson’s brain dead clearing attempt out of his own zone gave the Canucks the power play. They capitalized and were handed a momentum shift.

Sloppy: After the power play goal, the Kings’ defense and offense was sloppy and turning the puck over. That sloppy play and giveaway cost the Kings the Canucks’ second goal. Justin, oh, Justin. Remove head from…

Alberts is dumber: Along the boards, this idiot leaps into Brad Richardson who faced the boards. Richardson was injured on the play. That could have been boarding, charging, being a no talent moron, you pick. The refs got this one right. Alberts was shown the locker room. He deserves a 2 game suspension.

The 5 minute major: Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, are you kidding me, pass, pass, Jesus Christ, pass, pass SCORE!!!  Frolov to Modin and let me tell you that was one HARD wrist shot. A bad goal? Maybe. Heh heh.

Really? When they started playing Brian Adams during a break in action, I nearly died laughing.

Penalty Kill: Doughty took a holding penalty but the Canucks got a whole lot of nothing. An aggressive kill. Sticks in lanes. Perfect execution. Let’s hear it for Richie’s hustle. He had the puck for 20 seconds of that kill.

Grit: Simmonds told Kesler exactly what he thinks of him at the end of that period.

Going into the third: Play your game boys. Eliminate the turnovers and giveaway. Aggressive forecheck. Traffic. Shots on net.

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