More penalties was the theme at the start. This time, Justin Williams got an obvious high sticking penalty when he attempted to re-arrange Burrows’ smile. Another GREAT kill by the Kings. Matt Warrior Greene took one for the team on the Canucks’ last shot.

Audio fail just under the 16 minute mark. Was it my TV? Was it the telecast? Ah, the latter.

Back and forth, lots of neutral zone play. Neither team could generate quality chances. The game was tightening up. Neither team wants to make a mistake. Vancouver looks neutered.

A big collision between Edler while Drew drove to the net – meh – Superman cannot be harmed.

The Canucks had some chances but never for more than one shift at a time. The Kings were looking to take control but the neutral zone was a filter clogged on one end.

Kopitar had a great chance but held on to it too long. He has to take those shots the moment it lands on his stick.

At the 2 minute mark, the game got intense. Quick was sharp. Very sharp. The Kings were looking to get the forecheck going. At the end of it all, Vancouver led in shots again 13-2.


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