All eyes on Quick: Jonathan was the focus of much attention before the start of this series. Was he ready? Was he focused? Would he perform? Yes, yes and yes. Quick had an excellent 1st with two big saves. Most impressive was his position and ability to absorb pucks without rebounds and, when necessary, direct them away from danger.

Kings’ offense: Strategy is simple. Plant ass in front of Luongo and fire away. The Kings did that and though there were some 2nd chances, they were not of the quality as I expect them to be as the game goes on. The Kings will be starting the 2nd period on the power play and expect Smyth in the office. One thing the Kings need and I am confident will do better is control the center of the ice. Vancouver’s defense is not their strength and on several plays, they have given up lanes that the Kings must take.

Kings’ defense: The Canucks fancy themselves as a gifted offensive team and their 17 shots in the first period is a testament to that. The defense has done well to direct the plays to the outside and get rebounds away from the net. Most impressive was the penalty kill after a pure bullshit interference call on Jeff Halpern. The Kings stood up Vancouver’s forwards at the blue line, took the puck away and gave them little room to operate.

Looking forward: Every play and every shift counts. The Kings want more time in the offensive zone and Luongo unable to see pucks flying to the net. On defense, watch those long passes. The Canucks are looking to cherry pick. Most of all, put the body on the Sedins and put them on their backs.

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