For all the talk about avoiding head shots, cleaning up the game and working to avoid players taking run at others, the NHL took a few big steps backward after last night’s game. No talent punk Andrew Alberts leapt with elbow leading into the head of Brad Richardson while Richardson was facing the boards, causing an injury to Richardson. Richardson did return later to the game. Alberts received a 5 minute major and a game misconduct.

Yet, the NHL is not taking action. They are not suspending him.

This is a disgraceful precedent for the remainder of the series and the playoffs. I didn’t realize there were different rule books in the post season. Don’t get me wrong. We all know Alberts is irrelevant to the Vancouver lineup. This has nothing to do with wanting a Canuck player off the ice. It has to be with walking the walk if you are going to talk tough. Each time something like this happens, the NHL loses a little more credibility. There has been a lot of that during the season.

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  1. Jesus. This is not the first, but the THIRD time a Kings’ player has had his head targeted since the new ‘rule’ was supposedly implemented. None of those have resulted in suspension. The NHL has no balls.

    Maybe that was Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell dressed in green spandex.

  2. The only thing Alberts’ is guilty of is being 6 inches taller than that midget Richardson.


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