This is why big line changes worry me.

Had the Kings played game 1 as poorly as they played the first period of game 2, that’s when you shake-up the lineup.

This is ridiculous. Soft goal or not, and man that second goal was softer than a shaved hamster, the Kings did not play a good period by any means.

Some late momentum gained for the 2nd time of the game thanks to Alberts being the dumbass who must be punished by someone other than the refs that he is, the Kings still lack a net mentality.

An end of the period chance in which Kopitar skated behind the net while a juicy rebound waited where he should have been, at the goal mouth, says all that needs to be said about that abortion of a period.

The Kings better pick up the pace, if not for their own sakes, then for the safety of those around me at the bar.

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