Justin Williams is reported to have had a long conversation with Terry Murray near center ice during the morning skate. Afterward, he declined to comment to reporters, only stating, “It’s about the Kings and the Canucks tonight. It’s not about me.”

First, that is exactly the correct response.

Second, he is very upset.

From his first interview with the Kings after the trade, I noticed two things about Justin: (1) he is confident and (2) he is proud. Fortunately, he brings maturity and class to that though I have often wondered whether Terry Murray’s dump and chase system that can stifle puck possession and creativity has stifled Justin’s game. Let’s hope this motivates Justin to find that extra gear.

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  1. Any player taken out of the lineup better be “upset” but nothing he said indicates he is “very” upset or any other adjective beyond what a player would normally feel. Pure speculation, but a fair assumption.

    • It’s a little more than pure speculation. The extended discussion with Terry was likely not just him listening. That was him expressing disagreement, likely with zeal though professional. Any player will be upset when taken out of a game. Add a veteran player who is a 1st line winger, has won the Cup and is in the Stanley Cup playoffs and I think you get very upset.

  2. If TM keeps scratching him, this may go the way of Williams and Hitchcock. And the Kings sure don’t need that.

  3. Justin Williams is a class act and great winger. As he would tell you, it isn’t always the # goals scored, but WHAT you do to help your team. I don’t seem to see much magic w/ or w/out him in this group. Hopefully he will be traded to a team that appreciates him and understands the value & leadership he brings. Would love to see him back w/ the Canes. Maybe JR will wake up. Our youngsters need his influence. Mr. Murray, too bad..too sad.

    • Your premise appears to be that Justin Williams is under appreciated. Your premise is uninformed. Justin is still recovering from a serious broken leg. An injury like that has a healing period of 2-3 months and then a recovery / training period of at least 4-6 weeks. He doesn’t have his legs under him yet. He will. Justin is a character player. He recognizes he is not playing his best hockey right now. He also recognizes the playoffs are not the place to try and get your game back. Like any fierce competitor, he is not pleased that he is sitting but, as you may wish to read, he places the team before him.

      As a side note, in the event we haven’t said thank you, let us do so now. Carolina was very generous in that trade, one that should pay dividends for the Kings for many years to come.

      • Well- I feel better now. Justin has had major injuries, blown knee for Flyers, blown knee & ruptured Achilles for Canes. For each injury he rehabbed his ass off and returned significantly early. Sooner or later that catches up with you. I am glad he is appreciated in LA. He is LOVED in NC. I know this sounds strange, but as a small market we really get attached to our favorites – fired Coaches included (go Lavie) I follow LA only because of him. He is very proud,but you are right, he is a team player first. If you see him, tell him Canes fans love & miss him. We wish him many years of success. (FYI- JR has a habit of bringing his boys home- aaron ward, ron frances, erik cole, anton babchuck, sean hill, matt cullen, jeff o’neill, bla bla bla):)

        • I would be very disappointed if Justin leaves us or is traded. He may be the most unlucky player I have ever seen but there is no questioning his talent and heart.

          In short, you can’t have him back :)

          • Darn. We were really hoping he’d fly under the radar and we’d get him back in Carolina. We even like him on the game broadcasts with Tripp and Forslund. Maybe when he’s done playing hockey he’ll do that instead. :D

  4. I totally agree that Justin should come back home. He may be appreciated by “some” LA fans but he is adored by “all” Carolina Fans. When boys come back home, they seem much happier here and their families’ stay here when they are forced to leave. You can buy one heck of a house for a half million dollars in Raleigh. We may be a small market but the most loyal fans in the NHL. We will gladly take Justin off your hands, injuries and all.
    Plus, he is very nice to look at!! :)

    • Man, you Carolina fans are coming out of the woodwork. Justin asked me to tell you that he is flattered by all the love that Carolina still has for him but he is pretty happy here. The weather is great, the girls are hot, the fans and teammates love him and his best days are ahead. He will be thinking of you though when he lifts the Cup as a King.


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