There were plenty.

Such as,





Raycroft? Lol.

I think I even yelled at some unfortunate Vancouver chick that she may be a Vancouver 10, but is an LA 5.

I mean business at playoffs. The Kings did too.

I want to write, but its hard. My head hurt, my throat is on fire. My mind is spinning in circles of joy.

You missed the game? Well shame on you, because the Kings won their first home playoff game in 8 years by a score of 5-3. Michal Handzus tallied twice on the powerplay and added an assist. Brad Richardson, my personal hero of the playoffs thus far, scored the game winner which chased Luuuuuuongo from his apparently over-sized net. Ryan Smyth notched the insurance 5th goal of the game. Drew Doughty had a monster point night with a goal and 3 assists, and Jack Johnson played perhaps his best game as a King with 3 assists to go along with stalwart defense and punishing checks along the boards.

I am so proud of my team. I am so proud of the fans.


Holy shit that place has not been that loud in, well, 8 years. The fans did not disappoint. Wall to wall cheering was the name of the game and everyone joined in. From 30 minutes before the puck dropped until 30 minutes after the Kings skated off in victory, the place was deafening.

Some honorable mentions:

O’Donnell is showing his veteran worth. While he looked slow and overmatched much of the regular season, his experience is proving too much for the Canucks to handle. They may be faster than OD, but they aren’t smarter, and his calm stick and stealthy positioning are breaking up plays left and right.

Wayne Simmonds got his groove back. The Night Train was chugging tonight, with hits and forechecks on every opportunity of every shift.

Rob Scuderi is the Einstein of defensive hockey.

Jonathan Quick scares the hell out of me, but he is proving to be clutch. The saves aren’t pretty, but the puck is staying out of the net on chances that had they been against Luongo, would have been easy goals.

The Jeff Halpern trade finally made sense. The PK shot blocks are worth Teddy Purcell alone. The face-offs make me not care at all who may get drafted with that third round pick.

Frolov hit people. Wow. More of that please.

I wouldn’t want to screw Stoll’s girlfriend. He would hunt me down like he did several a Canuck.

Vancouver fans in blue mohawks should learn something called self respect. Their style demonstrates a clear lack of it.

If I’m incoherent, I apologize. If this post game sucks, get over it. Its not a report, its a giant F*** YES!

I repeat, without the asterisks,


Cloud 9 is awesome. I wonder what cloud 10 is like. Wednesday should let us know.


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