Randy Fonkin’ Jones is playing tomorrow. Peter Harrold is out.

So much rage, so little time.

Well, winning was fun while it lasted.

(that was a joke, ‘Nucks are going down, mental defective in a black sweater or not)

However, Terry Murray…. bar your windows if he costs another game. I don’t want to see the ire of Staples Center after a Jones turnover leads to a goal. That could get real ugly really fast.

Luckily, Jones being in the line-up does nothing to make the Canuck’s PK suck any less.

Hell, its the playoffs and I don’t want Jones to suck harder than a leach breaking a Yom Kippur fast, so I’m going to cringe and root for the guy.



But this does beg the question; does Davis Drewiske exist, or was he simply a figment of my imagination?