M=EL squared.

That is the formula for success between shifts, periods, games and within a series. Momentum = Effort + Luck, squared.

Tonight’s match up could be over analyzed to death. The Kings played big in the offensive zone and small in their own. The first pass out of the defensive zone was non-existent. Greene and O’Donnell were ineffective and looked flat footed against the speed coming at them. Quick didn’t make a big save but, with the exception of the Demitra goal, didn’t give up any soft ones. Frolov…well, what can you write about another squandered breakaway. I cannot remember the last time I have seen a forward get as many break away chances in a couple of seasons and fail at nearly every one. On the other side, Kopitar, Simmonds, Richardson, Modin, Brown, Doughty and Johnson had good games. Simmonds especially was all over the ice on both ends, made smart decisions each time he touched the puck and had a nose for the net that I wish Ryan Smyth would regain in his repertoire.

At the end of the night though, game 4 was all about momentum. Each time the Kings tried to take it by extending their lead to 2, Vancouver came back. Each time Vancouver tried to take the momentum after tying the game, the Kings answered and grasped the lead. Tonight however the Kings’ lead was akin to holding water in the palm of your hand – futile. Vancouver finally took the lead in the third period on a Tommy Salo slap shot. It was a power play goal on a two many Kings on the ice penalty that was all but wound down. The Kings however took the momentum back just over a minute later when Wayne Simmonds bullied his way to the front of the net after taking a Ryan Smyth pass. One could almost sense that with only 6 minutes left and a 4-4 time, the team who touched the puck last may win this one. Vancouver ultimately took the lead for good when two Kings got caught behind the net. Simmonds, who lost an edge and fell, and Kopitar were left behind while an odd man rush orchestrated by the now labeled and defined Sisters (or Gingers if you like). Unfortunately, that goal came with less than 3 minutes remaining and the Kings could not shift the momentum back to tie the game. The Canucks’ Kesler finished with an empty netter.

M=EL squared.

Remember it. The series is tied 2-2. Who has it now? Perhaps Vancouver, perhaps not. At the drop of the puck on Friday, it won’t matter who had it coming in. What will matter then is who wants it more.


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  1. Tommy Salo…..lets at least get the names right!
    I love how quite the Staples Center was after that WINNING goal
    There wont be any LA fans of any great amount in our building…
    Did you see the support for VANCOUVER in the LA building
    GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is akin to having an arena in the 3rd circle of hell and then bragging about how the other team’s fans don’t want to go there. Of course they don’t. The fact that there were a few hundred (and that is all it was) Vancouver fans at Staples equates that there are transplants who were from BC and now live here. By the looks at the Vancouver crowd, the shaved heads, the tats, and so forth, I doubt seriously that any of them paid to make the trip. I would be surprised if they even drove there. It screamed public transportation. Were you one of them?

      Regarding the series, you know, Kings fans knew it was going to be a great matchup. I know a lot of Canucks underestimated the Kings (a sign of arrogance combined with a shortsighted lack of intelligence) but hey, it’s the best of 3 now. Considering that Vancouver was favored to win this thing and it is their series to lose, imagine how utterly embarrassing it will be if you are eliminated in the first round. On the bright side, it will be another reason for the entire city to light up.

  2. Bittch…..let’s at least use spell check!
    It’s not “quite” it’s “quiet”.
    Bobby touched on a good point about transplants.Everybody comes to sunny California.That’s why when we play the Redwings, you see Redwing fans in attendance. Chicago fans with Chicago,and lame ass Vancouver fans when we play Vancouver. Because Cali has such a melting pot of people, some times we get retards from the frozen tundra, who support a fricking city that they no longer wish to live in.
    Match that up with the Poor Kings fans who leave LA to live in your desolate frozen waste of a city,and you’ll see why there are only a small # of dedicated Kings fans who represent.

    • Ha,ha,ha,ha, what a laugh…Ive use to in LA and San Diego for more than 6 years(could hardly wait to get the hell out of that dust bowl) and have traveled extensively through out the world and have very rarely seen cities as incredibly beautiful as Vancouver which I will always be proud to call home. Your geography knowledge is outstanding “Bitch” and let me tell you guys everyone goes a lot of places except LA.. “been there done that.” Hockey is culture and a passion here and there is no better fans than in Canada. Hockey culture in California…some how i don’t think so(if they weren’t winning no one would be in the building) …and you guys making fun of the Vancouver fans..ha,ha,ha..I’ve never in my life seen so many goofy looking freaks than in LA!
      As far as the Kings go they are a great young team with guess what…a lot of great CANADIAN players and in future years they will be a contender. Vancouver fans new this would be a tough series especially with Ryan Johnson and Mitchell out of the series it was going to be even tougher but Vancouver has found a way back like they have all year and with the best record in the NHL in the “come back” department, what happened last night was the sign of things to come. Canucks clearly are the dominant team 5 on 5 and your domination on the penalty kill will not continue at the pace it was…if you think it will you are goofy. Luongo was and is the better goalie and it showed Wed night. Kings have very good talent but the experience and true heart of the Canucks will prove to be a larger test than the Kings will be able to handle.
      The Kings advantage is gone now and the Canucks have a 3 game series with home ice in 2 and with one of the best home records in the NHL…you guys can go back to enjoying that beautiful polluted California sun.
      Vanouver fans will rock the house! Canucks in 6

      • I am amused often by those who proclaim Canucks in 6, when they only a week ago declared Canucks in 4. Your arrogance is adjusted daily I am sure to the circumstances. So you believe it is your team’s series to lose then. That is ok with us. We have been underestimated from game 1 of the 2009-2010 season. Vancouver’s series to lose means the Kings have nothing to lose. Who is more dangerous then…

        • Did you see my post with a prediction of “Canucks in 4″…Hello! I and most educated Canuck fans and media were predicting this series to go 6-7 games…the Kings are a good team but they do not have the playoff losses in years past in a hockey crazy market like Vancouver to give them the a “have to win passion” as a group. This what has been brewing in Vancouver for a long time and the Kings had their chance on Thursday to put a nail in the coffin and they let the lion out of the cage! Even with Alberts in the line up Canucks are home for 2 and that is not good for the kings as you will not win here in Vancouver again! Canucks have figured out the kings and they had better bring the AAA game as the canucks are a far more hungry team. Enjoy the losses boys..GO CANUCKS GO! OH did i mention that the Canucks coach Alain Vigneault has never lost a 1st round…

          • Mittch,
            You mentioned earlier about some of the Kings being Canadian?You Do realize that most of your Canuck forwards aren’t even Canadian didn’t you?
            In game 3 the Canucks got beat because the Kings were pressuring the 1/2 boards out,tying up the man on the point,allowing the Kings D to get a hard rim around and get the puck out.
            The Cunucks countered that last game by pinching earlier,before the Kings forwards could tie up their man.As a result the Cannucks D was able to slap the puck down low again before the Kings forwards could get there.I think this game is a matter of adjustments,and the Kings are going to frustrate the Cannucks tonight.When you guys lose I hope your man enough to come back and take some ribbing,because if we lose I’m sure you’ll be here to gloat.

  3. Dominick,

    If the Canucks were to lose I would be the first guy to admit that a better team won and wish them the best, however 2 games in our barn with last change not to mention a team with a hell of a lot of heart does not look good for LA.
    Having said all off this… LA is going to be a great team, Doughty is unbelievable..Olympic team at 20..amazing
    I would wish the kings best of luck tonight but i think they may have used that card up!

    Lets play hockey!

    • Game 5 goes to Mittch.Lack of focus,and cohesion did us in.I have a feeling game 6 will go to Dominick.Thanks for the props to DD.


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