We went to the Cup in 1993 and nearly won.

We dwelled in mediocrity for years until AEG purchased us from near collapse.

We saw our captain rip the C off his chest and head to another team. We faced him in the playoffs and nearly beat he and his team to advance to the conference finals.

We nearly made the playoffs in years thereafter only to suffer late season collapses.

We wiped the slate nearly clean. We started again with a new general manager, a new coach and many new faces.

We were never close. Each year brought disappointment.

We suffered through bad to become good.

2008 brought us, “with the 2nd selection, from the Ontario Hockey League’s Guelph Storm, Drew Doughty…”

We were patient with our youth. We showed potential but potential was all we were.

Another season, not nearly there. Finished near the bottom again.

Another top 5 pick. The 2009 season came upon us.

Yesterday’s pain shaped today.

All that we suffered was for a purpose.

We no longer chose to be near. We no longer had to choose.

We were ready to be good. Ready to learn how to become great.

Our Kings are tied 2-2 heading to game 5. Nearly there is not nearly good enough anymore, not for this team and not this time. Never again.

The moment is among us.

It asks to be defined.

Define the Moment.


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  1. ***GDT (WCQF - Game 5) - (6) Kings @ (3) Canucks - 04/23/10*** (7:00 PM) - Page 5 - Los Angeles Kings Hockey Fan Forum

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