A memorable night to forget.

The Kings had the game in the bag, then opened that bag and poured its contents all over the ice for Vancouver to steal.

Credit the Canucks. A little. They played a monster third.



This morning I am seeing a lot of different moments pointed to as the turning point(s) in last night’s game. I didn’t see the turning point in the game, nor did any of you, because the turning point was in the team’s respective locker rooms during the second intermission. Vancouver refocused and the Kings’ failed to re-energize. It’s one of Brown or Murray’s fault if you want to put blame on someone, because when there is a conglomerate of mistakes in a short period of time, leadership and/or coaching is the only logical issue.

Let’s run down the laundry list of things that went wrong in the 3rd period last night.

-The Kings stopped forechecking.

-The Kings stopped winning board battles.

-The Canucks beat the Kings to loose pucks.

-O’Donnell made two bonehead plays.

-Frolov missed on a breakaway.

-Johnson passed up a great shot and missed on the one he took.

-Quick didn’t make a big save.

-Simmonds fell down.

-Smyth over-committed.

-Greene wasn’t strong enough.

-Bad line change.

-Murray couldn’t adjust properly to Samuelsson being put on the Sedin line.

-Doughty looked human for a period.

-The goalie wasn’t in the net for a face-off at center ice.

-Speaking of face-offs, the Kings got slaughtered in the circle.

What does this equate to, besides something bad or stupid happening almost once a minute?

A young team. That’s all. The Kings were bound to go through growing pains in the playoffs akin to the growing pains they experienced all of last season and much of the March and April this season.

One commonality this team has showed, both in individual games and in regards to large spans of time, is an ability to refocus and bounce back.

This is what I believe will happen tomorrow.

They are young, and as all you guys will remember when you took your first ventures out into the world of new experiences, is that you get up and up and up, and suddenly crash. Its called a refractory period, and it is a necessary evil.

I am not pointing any fingers for last night’s loss. I have to hope the team is not either.

You show me a team that points fingers after a loss such as we suffered and I will quickly show you a team with no cohesion that is about to unravel.

That is not our team.

Our team is strong. Our team is resilient. Our team will win game 5.

See you crazy kids back at Staples on Sunday.

P.S. – Some guy last night asked me to give him a ‘shout-out’ on the blog. I spoke to him on the smoking patio in the beer line. I do not know who this guy was. He said he was something-something-some number on LGK, and he wanted a shout-out. Far be it from me to disappoint a fan. So here it goes:

Hey guy.

P.P.S. – Those of you who called in to Kings’ Talk last night and upset Nick with Jones’ bashing… please watch the game more closely. Jones was pretty darn good and made some clutch plays. You all know we here at LA Kings News have collective heart attacks over Jones, but we can also appreciate a solid game when we see one. I suggest you do the same.

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  1. Surly,
    You forgot
    -the Ice girls didn’t take off their tops.
    -the Kings couldn’t slow Erhoff down through the nuetral zone.
    -the Ice girls didn’t take off their tops.

    • Damn, I did. I knew I wasn’t nearly aroused enough during the game. And here I thought it was because Williams wasn’t in the lineup.

      • TM’s response: “Well, for sure, we need the T&A to play heavy during the intermissions. We’ve talked about it all season long. We have a good mix of veterans and fresh, ripe, young, shapely girls. And this is the playoffs. The girls who have been around the block a few times need to be just as much a part of it as the girls who are maybe new to this sort of frenzy, this stressful atmosphere. When we talk about arousal, we’re talking about a team concept here. All it takes is for one of them to step up. Once you see a pair of those dreams pop out and start to whirl and spin and jiggle in the spotlight, it becomes contagious. The next thing you know, you’re in Mammy Heaven, and you know how it is: we all lose count of how many spirals the aureola borealis displays on any given Spring night. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the video, break it down, and make the necessary adjustments.”

        Attention Rich Hammond: Thanks for the quotes!

  2. IceGirls even got mentioned by the CBC commentators. They were analyzing the Canuckies bench and two ice girls skated by and they said, “This is not about the ice girls. Its very important.” (something along those lines)


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