So, there was a turnover by a Kings’ defenseman that led to a goal against. I will give you 2 guesses who it was…nicely done. This might be a good time to remind you of this little article – click here. You see, a coach has the power to decide who to play and who not to play. What Terry Murray has done, what he did intentionally was to put a player back in the lineup that he knew, that everyone with half a brain knew was an on ice cancer, a defenseman that is incapable of playing a physical game, a transitional game, anything that resembles a hockey game. This is all on Murray. The entire momentum of the game changed with his first turnover.

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  1. I have long put off joining the RJ hate parade… but not anymore. Someone please pass me the baton and let me lead the band down Chick Hearn Court. I had this thought in my mind that when it counted, Jones would make the safe play. That his lack of focus was only situational. That everyone has a bad game or pass but a good player recovers and improves, especially during absolutely crucial times. Nope. It would behoove Terry Murray to bench him for game six. If not, TM might not be the Kings coach for much longer. If so, RJ will never wear a Kings jersey again. Here’s to hope!

    Sunday’s pregame should be interesting. I can promise you a HUGE turnout of Vancouver fans. The game isn’t sold out yet and I bet they are booking flights as I type. Let me know what you guys decide to do…


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