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  1. I actually think we need a virgin.I nominate Taylor Swift.

  2. The kings had a chance to put a nail in the coffin of the Vancouver Canucks but dropped the ball in the 4th game. They let the lion out of the cage and now they are proving that experiance, heart(at a higher level) are attributes that are earned over time not just something that you get just because you have a good season record. Even if the Kings were to win game 6 they have to come back to Vancouvers Barn(only 8 losses all season) and losing for the Canucks will not be(as you saw last night)an option. The Canucks have come from behind all year and beat better teams than the Kings. Good luck to the kings in the 6th game but this year moving on to the 2nd round unfortunatly is not going to happen….to many issues with this young team. Enjoy the game Sunday night as it may very well be your last for a while.
    Also, that idot Cloun is a total goof(a mouth that is disrespected across the league) and he got a good old “get what you deserve” ass kicking from a golden gloves boxer Rick Rippen. We can’t believe that Terry Murray would call Obrian a clown and in the same breath have a total idiot like Cloun out on the ice mouthing off. Looks bad,bad bad.

  3. Clune, as said above has not been in the league long enough for him to have a ” reputation”…… Correct…..So…..why is he out there running off his mouth like anyone would actually care about this useless loser. Rypen did the whole league a favour in putting him and the rest of the people who watch hockey that actually KNOW the game out of his misery.
    Isn’t that the point that was made earlier. I often wonder how long most of you band wagon jumpers have actually watched the game. Any of you ever played the game?

    Stick to basketball and all the wonderfull positive publicity that comes with THAT game.

    • You sure are a bitter human for a fan of a team who is up in the series.

      If Clune talking trash bothers you, perhaps you might want try badminton, which I hear is wonderful fun and nice and lackadaisical.

      Once again, I hope and pray the Canucks have the attitude of fans such as yourself. If their play is as scattered and disjointed as your thought process, it should be an easy game for the Kings.

  4. Educated answers by you dudes..ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha…you can’t really be serious to assume that spelling on the computer is any kind of hockey “attitude” you and your side kicks have been the ones attacking my texting skills which do need practice, however I have seen a few of your own in here and you host this website. Sooo…if you read my text/email you would realize that there was a point to be made about HOCKEY(this is a hockey website) not selling which you and your incredible life long knowledge of the game can’t seem to write an article that makes any sense….why don’t you visit our beautiful “waste land and we will educate you and your sidekicks the How,why,where and when of the game

    40 years of Canuck Hockey(not a game missed) makes me eductated enough to know more about the game than most.

    I am so pumped about the game tonight…it will be the toughest game to win and even if Canucks lose tonight as I said earlier they won’t have any success in a Canadian Barn

    Best of luck in the future boys (all in good fun)


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