Murray told Hammond today when discussing line changes and video review:

“We had our regular video review today. As I talked about the offensive part of the game, and the reasons for changing line combinations, it’s to try to find a consistent level on that part of it. So that was the highlight, what we’re doing in the offensive zone, some areas that we need to take a look at for the game tomorrow. We got into a stationary position quite often, and our shots are down. We’re the 14th team, out of the 16 in the playoffs, as far as shots on goal average per game. Vancouver is at 33. We’re down considerably. We need to get our numbers back up to where they were in the regular season.”

What? You constantly change the lines around to find consistency? Is that a serious statement? You change the forward lines each game because we got into a stationary position? That’s Jones and O’Donnell in a stationary position coach. Changing the forwards around doesn’t help that. You are changing the lines around to get more shots on goal…and the correlation between line changes and shots on goal is…what exactly?

Murray has tried nearly every line combination possible this season. Has he found one that consistently worked? No. Why? Because it is a fool’s errand. Line changes do not fix problems. Moving a problem around does not make it go away. It is akin to a teacher moving kids from one desk to another when they do not perform well on exams. It is lunacy. He is paid to coach, teach, help players that don’t perform his system to better execute it. Line changes don’t accomplish that. They detract from it. They avoid the problem by taking it to another place hoping it won’t occur again. Ask the Catholic Church how it has worked out for them.

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