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  1. I BELIEVE. The Kings have a lot of fans in Slovenia. I am one of them. We will be watching and we will be celebrating after the Kings wipe the floor with the Nucks. Just do it. Take them apart. GO KINGS !!!
    Greetings from Europe, Bobby.

  2. Forgot, greetings to Surly as well. I read this blog regularly. You guys have made me laugh my ass off quite a number of times. Thank you. Wish I’d be going to the game like you. You are gonna have a blast watching the Kings blast the Nucks into outer space.
    I was going to ask you to smack those green spandex wearing idiots once for me ( if you’d happen to see one ), but don’t want you to end up in jail. Everybody has a right to be stupid, but those guys are seriously abusing that privilege.


  1. Tommy Believes in the Kings | DodgersVine

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