For years, we have lamented our misfortunes. We saw its resulting pain with our eyes and through the eyes of our brothers and sisters. We cheered for victories when they came, though they were few. We sighed and breathed sorrow through defeat. Yet, despite it all, we walked forward. We did not retreat though it was easier to do so. We did not stop. We looked ahead, saw what lay afar and told ourselves, damn the storm that tells me no. This is my team. I trust the path before me. I trust those who walk with me. We have taken this journey together. Let us finish it the same.

As I watched our team shake the hands of its opponent, I did what you did. I took a step forward. The last brought us from a team near the bottom of the league to a team that not just made the playoffs but earned its way there. The next shall take us deeper still. Know this. Believe it. The storm has passed. While no one expects the road ahead to be an easy one, we know that for which we reach is now within our grasp. We step with resolve for we know that the day will soon come that the Kings will no longer only look to the future in the hope for greatness but greatness will be thrust upon them and among us.

For now and forever, GO KINGS!

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  1. Thanks Kings for a great, entertaining and competitive series.

    No doubt in my mind that you have all the pieces in place and the leadership to be a post-season force for years to come and from what I could tell by watching the crowd at the Staples Centre on tv the kind of fan enthusiasm that a successful hockey franchise thrives on.

    Cheers and see you next year!

    Go Kings Go.

    Canucks Fan

  2. Scribe and Surely,

    I really enjoy your blog. I know I don’t post, but I have read every entry. You two are outstanding in your observations and takes on various things. You are both extremely knowledgeable of our beloved Kings without the extremes one way or the other. You both have enjoyable writing styles and the humor is refreshing. Thank you very much and I hope you continue with this adventure.

    Onward everything Kings!

    • Just subtract the “e” in Surly. My bad JDM.

    • Glad you are reading Duckhunter! And please, do post as often as you like. I always enjoyed discussing hockey with you on Hammond’s before it got bogged down and clogged up to the point where I just don’t really bother commenting there anymore.

      We will definitely be continuing with the blog here. We are only getting started!

      Next season we are really going to push for exclusive interviews and I should have a better editing set up so that I can bring you more videos you and original content.

      Its been a ton of fun, and I’m so glad to hear you and others have been enjoying the read, particularly the humor. I am even glad that Canucklheads are reading and enjoying it (here’s looking at you CC! – good luck the rest of the way… secretly I put $20 on the Canucks to win the cup last September in Vegas… probably a jinx… but it pays $240 if they win, so for that reason, go nucks… but don’t tell anyone :))

    • Thanks brother. I consider you and my fellow die hard fans family.

  3. Hey guys. I echo the sentiments of Duckhunter. Keep this site going! Its a fun blog to read. Now I cant wait for October to come round again although I know its going to feel like forever…


  4. Stumbled onto this and just wanted to say
    Thnak You!.. needed to see those words.
    I have been in ‘morning for 2 days now..time
    to finish and move on..
    I made it to the game Sunday.. last minute decision.. after work.. knew had to be at L.A. Live then thought Standing Room Only ticket..and then ended up in a Reserved.. Had to be there for my boys! I love Hockey from a little girl growing up in San Diego with the ‘Old Gulls’.. my Dad and I went to all the games.. he was a longtime Ranger Fan.. and so instilled in me passion that no other sport fan will ever have! I stood with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat watching our team shake hands in true sportsmanship and felt all their pain.. and Clapped and Clapped so they would know my Pride in how Well and how Far they have come. I cannot wait til September.
    Go Kings Go!


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