For years, we have lamented our misfortunes. We saw its resulting pain with our eyes and through the eyes of our brothers and sisters. We cheered for victories when they came, though they were few. We sighed and breathed sorrow through defeat. Yet, despite it all, we walked forward. We did not retreat though it was easier to do so. We did not stop. We looked ahead, saw what lay afar and told ourselves, damn the storm that tells me no. This is my team. I trust the path before me. I trust those who walk with me. We have taken this journey together. Let us finish it the same.

As I watched our team shake the hands of its opponent, I did what you did. I took a step forward. The last brought us from a team near the bottom of the league to a team that not just made the playoffs but earned its way there. The next shall take us deeper still. Know this. Believe it. The storm has passed. While no one expects the road ahead to be an easy one, we know that for which we reach is now within our grasp. We step with resolve for we know that the day will soon come that the Kings will no longer only look to the future in the hope for greatness but greatness will be thrust upon them and among us.

For now and forever, GO KINGS!