Since the end of the 2008-2009 season over a year ago, a topic on every Kings fans’ mind has been our enigmatic Alexander Frolov. Everyone wants to know: is he staying or not? Will it depend on the asking price (rumored to be $5M)? Will it depend on the off season acquisitions the Kings may / will make? Yes, I am referring to Kovalchuk but not only him. Will it depend on the length of the contract? Will there be a bidding war for him? Does he fit into the Kings’ future plans?

Here is my take – This was a contract year for Frolov. Generally, players have great seasons in contract years simply because they have more to play for than just pride and winning. They are playing for a payday. Now, if in a contract year Alexander Frolov managed to put up less than 20 goals and a total of 51 points, what does that tell us or, better stated, what does that tell Lombardi? If Frolov is not externally motivated (money) or internally motivated (playoffs, whereat he did not play especially good or bad), what does motivate him? Answer – nobody knows and therein lies the problem. Alexander, as much as we love him, is not a Lombardi type player. He is not intense. He is not a leader. He is not producing at such a high level that you can look past both of these things. Look at Lombardi’s trades and drafts, the “types” of players he acquires. Sasha doesn’t fit the mold.

Does that mean Frolov is gone? My bet is on yes. Even if he agrees to sign for 3 million, Lombardi will likely keep asking the same question – what am I getting for 3 million? Isn’t that money better spent elsewhere. The amount of money that will cause Lombardi not to care about those questions are likely too low for Alexander to take.

This is of course an opinion, not fact and I would love to hear yours.