I was going to post the same article Bobby links to below, because when I read it this morning, it made me angry.

So, even though Scribe beat me to the punch, I feel this warrants its own post…

T.J. Simers is a jackass.

There. I said it. He’s a jackass. He’s also an idiot, but for now, we’re sticking with jackass.

A jackass who knows nothing about hockey.

A jackass who would be better served eating a microwave meal in his undoubtedly plaid pajamas than sitting next to anyone at a Kings’ game. A jackass who has never had a kind word to say about hockey and only barely mustered minor praise for our Kings laced in his typical and tired nondescript, haughty condescension.

A jackass who I hope never bothers to write another ‘article’ on the Kings so long as his career drags on like so many paraplegics through mud.

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