The following is a translated interview from Russian to English with Alexander Frolov on Sports Express Daily. Thanks to my Russian speaking friend, Zak Maniac, for the translation.

Q: Congratulations on your return to the national team! How quick was your adaptation period?

A: It’s all good, no problems.

Q: Any idea who you’re going to play with on the same line?

A: For now I’m skating on a line with Tereschenko and Kovalchuk, but we’ll see. I’m used to playing with Ilya, we already crossed paths in the national team. I think we should do all right together.

Q: You could have played with him in the Olympics at Vancouver, however the coaches didn’t include you in the roster. How upset were you?

A: Of course it was upsetting not to participate in such tournament, but such as life, where anything can happen.

Q: On the other hand, you didn’t have to deal with the avalanche of criticism, as was the case with your national teammates.

A: (laughing) That’s the only positive from not going to Vancouver. Just kidding, I think all Russian hockey fans were very upset by the Vancouver tragedy, and I’m no exception.

Q: Are you happy with your season in Los Angeles?

A: I’m happy with some things, not so much with others.

Q: What in particular are you unhappy with?

A: Personally, I could have played better. On the other hand, we were in the playoffs for the first time in eight years.

Q: Although, Los Angeles didn’t stay in the playoffs for very long…

A: Well, I guess unspent energy and emotion will come in handy for the national team. In any case, I have no lack of desire to win the World Championships.

Q: It’s rare for a Canadian or American player with a contract expiring to go to the Worlds, while there are plenty of Russians in that category: you, Kovalchuk, Artiukhin, Sushinky. What made you want to do this?

A: A desire to play at the Worlds and to win it.

Q: You already won last year. Do you really want to win it as strongly as you did last year?

A: You may not believe me, but I really do.

Q: How does a victory at the Worlds compare emotionally with a Stanley Cup championship or the Olympic gold?

A: (smiling) I haven’t won the Olympics or the Stanley Cup, so I can’t compare.

Q: Have you already made any decisions regarding the next season? There are rumors that you could return to Russia.

A: It’s still early to talk about this, because I haven’t had any negotiations. But everything is possible, I will consider all offers.

Q: But do you have preferences?

A: Of course, I’d like to stay in the NHL, but it all depends on the offers I receive.

Q: What is your favorite Kings’ website?

A: of course.

(ok, so I may have added a couple of lines to the interview)

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  1. “I’m used to playing with Ilya, we already crossed paths in the national team. I think we should do all right together.”

    hmmm foreshadowing next season with the kings? ;) let the speculation begin!


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