So, I found this interesting little article written by Ken Campbell (no relation to the former conference) about $8M dollar per year man, Gary Bettman, the league and certain teams that may be for sale soon. Here is a random opinion / speculation from the article. For the full article, click here.

The first spot is Los Angeles, where it’s believed the Kings will likely go up for auction sometime in the near future. We know what you’re thinking. That’s to pave the way for Kings owner Philip Anschutz to move a team into his building in Kansas City, but it turns out he’s apparently just getting tired of losing money.

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  1. Will NOT happen!!!
    Everyone has ‘sources’ and I have mine.
    One of the few things I am NOT anxious about.
    Mr. Anschutz is somewhat of a recluse as everyone knows. During the King’s long awaited and fillay attained playoffs Tim Leiweke
    talked Phil into attending the Monday game which the Kings won,
    and the fans were so wild with excitement that the nosie meter set a record. Mr. Anschutz was finally able to see what the long suffering and loyal fans see.. that the Kings are now a team to be reckoned with. He had a meeting after and said his purse is open, do what needs to be done to bring this town a championship.
    Our Kings are not moving!

  2. This came from the ESPN rumor mill I take it? I’m not so certain the Kings are one of those teams who will be sold. It wouldn’t make sense that a smart business man like Anschutz would suddenly give up during a playoff year when he can now finally sell to his fans a ticket increase. It’s my understanding that the ticket prices this season were among the lowest in the league.

    Everyone knows that you buy low and sell high. You’re telling me that Anschutz, who has been patient with this team for eight years with a plan going forward, will now sell before the success of the franchise has hit fruition?

    It would be nice if Campbell named his “source.”

  3. I agree with Joel. If Anschutz can put a second championship team in the Staples Center anytime soon, he will be looking at a gold mine. There’s no way he is selling any of the Kings to anyone.


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