Ryan fractured an ankle. Rest up Smythie. We need you healthy for the season.

For the full story and game recap, click here.

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  1. Why this guy is playing there I’ll never know. He looked awful during the playoffs, slow and tired. Needs to rest.

  2. Very unfortunate. Probably wanted to play for pride and redemption. Hopefully he will be fully healed and ready to go come training camp. I am only really worried that while he may be healthy for training camp, he will not have had the proper summer conditioning to go along with the health once September rolls around.

  3. Symth missed getting to play for Canada due to recovering from injury for Olympics. Of course he wanted to play for his country! I think it is very hard on the core players to have a long season and then jump right into worlds with no rest in-between. Just hope now he heals
    properly and takes time to enjoy his family this summer.. while keeping the rest of him in shape and ready to go come September. We need a healtly Ryan for his skill and leadership for our youngsters.


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