Interesting article came out in the New York post about New Jersey’s either / or choice of Parise or Kovalchuk. Click the link here. Their loss, our gain I hope with Ilya.

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  1. One would think the Devils would favor Parise as he has been there a while and his a familiar commodity. During his short stint in Jersey, Kovalchuk was not that impressive although probably did not have time to develop chemistry with his teamates.

    While I would like Kovalchuk to play for thie Kings I’m not real hopeful. Seems like a longshot. Too many other options. We’ll see…

  2. Could the Kings work out a trade?Parise and a left winger for something?Still sounds expensive.No one really thought New jersey could Keep Kovi past this season,and I would be shocked if they traded Parise,and kept Kovi.Crazier deals have been made,and I would love to see Parise play for the Kings,but I think we’ll be in the bidding for Kovi’s services.

    There’s a higher chance we get niether.

  3. Boys, I submit that the Kings can and will get Kovalchuk. He is a generational talent, in the exact same class as Ovechkin and Crosby. Without Ovechkin, the Capitals do not achieve their success. Without Crosby, the Penguins never win a Cup much less get there. Kovy is tough as nails, fights, hits, sticks up with teammates (I trust you have seen his fight(s) in that regard) and is consistently in the top 5 in just about every offensive category. As he gets older, he is getting better. His game has matured and, Steve, he did lead the Devils in points during the playoffs so arguably he was their best player.

    The only issue will be whether someone will pay him $9M or 10M and buy him but I don’t think so. If Kovy wanted that, he would have stayed with Atlanta. They offered him $10M so money is not priority number 1. What is? Winning and being part of a franchise that is on its way up and which he could help lead (not solely lead like Atlanta) to the Cup. Besides, if my source is right, his wife has said LA is her choice and Kovy is very much a family man and his family’s happiness is a huge priority for him.

    • I really hope you are correct and I am wrong. For what it is worth, I try to limit my expectations for this team after 4 decades of heartbreak.

      • Guarded or not, positive or negative, we have no control over what occurs unless of course you believe in positive energy and karma which I do. Henceforth, I believe in the possible with our Kings. The moment I no longer do believe that our team can do the possible, I might as well stop cheering and caring.

  4. Actress for what, vampire flicks?


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