Only four teams remain. None of them are the Kings, meaning they all suck.

Well, at least the biased hate mongering, jealous puck head in me feels that way… I actually kind of like Chicago and Philly.

Which leads us to the new poll up on Which of the 4 remaining playoffs teams would you be least disgusted to see lift the Cup?

Does the thought of Michael Cammalleri raising it above his head give you chills of joy or indigestion?

If Blake skates around with it a second time, will you hug your TV or smash it to pieces?

Dean Lombardi loves the Flyers, but are you get down with remnants of the Broadstreet Bullies?

Kane, Toews and Hossa, oh my. Maybe you still have an irrational hatred for Brent Sopel.

So, have at it. And remember, this is not a poll of which team you despise the most, it is a poll of which team you LEAST detest, that one whose victory wouldn’t see you carted away to the emergency room.

Click the “Kings Poll” tab above, or here to vote.

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  1. got to go with Philly… first and foremost to see Lappy get a cup… and then to see SJ dismantle their lineup and rebuild after failing AGAIN… Cammy and his ego would get crushed by the weight of the cup if he was to try to raise it over his head, so that wont happen… chicago sucks… GO MONARCHS


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